Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From the Beginning

Taking the cue from Annie's totally excellent first post, I'll use music as my introduction...when I think of starting something new, I think of "From the Beginning" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  So where to begin with my two fabulous co-authors?

Kristi, Designer Extraordinaire of RedDogKnits has been my partner in crime for a looooooong time...she and I co-hosted two Michigan Knitterpalooza events and continue to be Sister Secret Squirrels (code language for co-conspirators) when it comes to giving the finger to The Man and declaring independence from corporate overlords.  Her twin sons love me, her husband tolerates me, and she and I generally leave a swath of mayhem in our paths whenever we get together.  Most recent hijinks: me getting saucy when I was totally dissed and dismissed as the maker of Julip Bags at a Michigan LYS.  That or the the whole "Hey I KNOW that guy!" Mexican restaurant debauchery. 

Annie, Mistress-in-Chief of RoseKnits, is truly my favorite long-distance-relationship...despite being (supposed) competitors in the world of knitting bags on Etsy, we are friends, confidants, and support each other unconditionally!  I share with her things that would normally make me explode in either mirth or fury since I can't post them anywhere publicly for the good of my business, and we mutually speak the language that is Amy Butler, Timtex, and wholesaling.  Most recent hijinks: (cannot be posted on a public blog for reasons I mentioned before).

Me: Amby, owner and chief grunt of Julip Bags, wife of JP and mama of Russells, I quit my day job back in mid-June to do JB full-time.  My first "real" post will be about the things no one ever tells you about doing this crazy life full-time, as your primary source of income, and all the hilarity that ensues.  I will also post about such lighthearted topics as Intellectual Property attorneys.  It's all a barrel of monkeys from here, folks!


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