Monday, September 14, 2009

Ideas Ideas, and then SPLAT!

I'm late to the party and unlike my cohorts, I can't think of any cool theme song to begin my first post that is outside the realms of the Wiggles or Sesame Street...although I do always comment on their choice of knit attire. I don't think of myself as much of a designer just someone who is always perusing the gazillions of patterns on Raverly only to realize what I want or imagine hasn't been made out comes the post-its and my stick figure un-Project Runwayesque sketches of ideas. I'm not someone who considers myself an awesome knitter that knows every little way to decrease, increase, shape, size etc but I like math (a lot) and like to find different ways to construct something (or should I say EASY ways that don't involve a lot of fiddling). I find the knits that I crave or am drawn to are simple, nothing fancy. Often I have ideas that I am still trying to technically work out - now, how do I make THAT happen????

When I began my first pattern, I had a zillion ideas and that is not an exaggeration. The hardest part was to actually focus and stay the course with ONE idea. I considered myself lucky to develop two patterns based on my first two ideas and they worked. And I like them.

Them came the Vulcan vest(s). The idea seemed perfect - a tube of sorts with cool large color blocks and then a chest and arms of color blocks going in the opposite direction. I was so smug, I cranked out two and they looked cool. Then I put them on my boys for a model shot and they looked like Star Trekkies and not in a good insult to them. I tried to talk myself into liking them because I know people have different tastes and sometimes I see what people are drawn to on Raverly and can only declare WTF???? You really want to make THAT or you DID make that???? But I just couldn't talk myself into selling it or even making it a free pattern OR even forcing my kids to wear them because for Crap's sake, they will wear a girdle thong with a monkey tail and look at me like I AM the strange one for telling them it isn't appropriate for preschool. So I hit a wall. I haven't stick figured sketched or even allowed myself any ideas because what the hell kind of knitter is gonna knit a kid something that will make them (and in turn me) a laughing stock. But I'm starting to come out of it. You just never know what magic can happen when you create could flop terribly or it could be the next Cobblestone/Clapotis rage????

Im just little ole me trying to not make my kids look like Vulcans on roids and hoping some other people may like my stuff. But when you have an audience, they can judge and that perceived judgement can back your vulcanized ass right into a corner. But I have my handy post-its back on my bedstand next to my wine coaster and look forward to something inspiring. How do these famous knit designers do it, cranking out stuff left and right? I would LURVE to see the oddities of what these people have created in their lifetimes because I am sure my Vulcan pattern is not the only one to hit this galaxy, right, RIGHT?

My cohorts must have sewn some shizzle bags, right?


  1. I've totally sewn some shizzle bags... Or you get to that very last bit of top stitching only to realize you've sewn the handle on in a twisted manner that isn't fit for anyone to use much rather buy. By that time I'm usually done - I hang it up for the evening! I agree - I would LURVE to know how people continuously come up with ideas! Please, fill me in!

  2. A girdle thong with a monkey tail...Vulcans on roids...on my Lord, I am dying laughing right now, I love you so much!

  3. OH, and I've definitely sewn some shizzle bags, if I can't salvage the material they become dustrags in the pile under the kitchen sink!