Monday, September 7, 2009

Take 5

Ok, you guys are probably sitting here thinking... 3 of you blogging, 5 days with no blog - what gives?? Haha! Being the owner of your very own baby business is very hard work, often requires you to work 24/7 in one form or another, but sometimes one must take a break!

I think that Amby and Kristi (I hope I spelled that right... if not, I'll edit later.. Sorry babe!) would agree - if we aren't sewing up a new bag idea, trying to update the shop with new goodies for you guys, or test knitting / drawing that new fabulous pattern idea we're thinking of marketing - working on excellent customer service (because that is what sets us apart) or packaging up orders. It is very fun! Very exciting! and Very tiring all in the same. I'm not complaining, just breakin' it down for ya!

My husband and I often have this conversation - he mows the yard, I sew. I believe in some ways he still views sewing as a 'hobby' and I am getting to do something I enjoy where he feels he's having to do a 'chore.' But it's hard work and the proof is in the puddin'! Every package shipped from my second bedroom / make shift studio space for now has my name on it, and I would not ever purposely give myself a bad name!

Tomorrow is Tuesday - day after a long holiday weekend! So I hope you find us refreshed, funny as ever, and bloggin' a lot!

Have a great week everyone!

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