Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Get it Started!!

Inevitably, every time I think about starting something new the song Let's Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas pops into my head. I used to love the Jazzercise routine to that song... Have any of you ever been to Jazzercise?? Ok, I digress.

I wanted to start by telling you all how I met Ms. Amby - the coolest gal EVER and owner of the even cooler Julip Bags!. I had just started RoseKnits and I e-mailed Amby to see if she would carry some of my bags in her shop (naive shop owner, yes I am). She gracefully said, "no" and I offered to send her a bag! She was kind enough to accept and even prepare a review on her blog!!! Very kind of a fellow, established bag maker.

I've met other bag makers who would not dare publish anything about another bag maker for fear of losing customers (I guess). I don't really understand this school of thought because I certainly own more than one bag, what about you? There's plenty to go around, I'm sure! So, that was lesson number one from Ms. Amby!

I think I bothered her again shortly there after for tips on how to become a full-time bag lady... She, again, kindly obliged and took the time to write to me a real tips and tools e-mail! This chick was impressive! And kind!

Today, we find ourselves chatting back and forth about business and life... It's fun, and I'm definitely glad I met her. Ok, enough mush mush... Maybe next time my blog will be about a bag. Or not. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. The only thing I know about Jazzercise is from "Just As Long As We're Together" by Judy Blume...appropriate for my first comment on our blog, eh?

    I think my first blog post will be "Thing They Never Told You" about being your own boss...kinda like pregnant ladies always say...this could take a while!


  2. Google is insisting on calling my account "The Bosses" now...should be interesting as I peruse other blogs...