Friday, September 25, 2009

Soundtrack for a Business

So I've had several people lately ask me what kind of music I listen to while I'm working.  In no particular order, the most common things you'll find me cranking up while making bags are:

1. Anything by Muse.  Perfect for settling into an energetic afternoon of fabric-chopping.
2. Anything by Nine Inch Nails, but especially the Broken album.  I'm a NIN fan from back in the day, and now I find I still love Trent Reznor because he gets my procrastinating butt in gear.  Or when I'm in a hurry and need a more, um, upbeat tempo to work to, "Wish" is especially good for this.  Ask me sometime about how I was introduced to NIN, it's a funny story (now).
3. The Bubblegum Oldies channel on Pandora.  A nice happy all-day groove.  A great day is when "Palisades Park" comes up in the rotation.
4. The Michael Jackson channel on AOL radio.  Being able to sing along (badly) to almost every song is a definite plus.
5. Anything that falls under the category "Classic Rock."  My hands-down favorite genre.
6. Classical music, especially Tchaikovsky and Mozart.  Very good talk-me-down-off-the-ledge-I've-got-a-huge-wholesale-order-to-finish-today music. 

So what do YOU listen to while you're working, crafting, or chilling?

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